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269 Bayville Ave, Bayville NY 11709

Our Story

Beachside Barbell

Born out of necessity during the pandemic in 2020, Beachside Barbell has been offering a safe and supportive environment to workout in. We provide a place for our members to lift weights, move their bodies and get in the best shape possible.

Originally formed in the garage of our home, we have since then moved to our new 1000 sqft studio right in the center of town. 

With our new space, we can't wait to get more members of the Bayville community and the surrounding towns involved.

Our goal at Beachside Barbell is to provide the community with a place for every day people to get in the best shape of their lives.

We offer 1:1 Personal Training, Small Group Training, Group Classes and Nutrition Coaching.

Our newly renovated personal training studio is decked out with multiple squat racks, full 5-100lb dumbbells and various machines. In addition, we have some fun specialty barbells that we use to help break up the monotony and keep our workout programs fun and entertaining. 

Our Mission as a Personal Training Studio

Mathew DeSanno

Head Trainer

With over 16 years of Personal Training Expierence and a B.S. In Nutrition

Mathew has been involved in the health and fitness field for some time. He has used his years of expertise and continuous education to be at the forefront of exercise program design and nutrition coaching. Utilizing studies done by world renown scientists and coaching to put together programs for his clients are of utmost importance.

His philosophy is that fitness shouldn't be hardcore and intimidating. It should involve lifting weights, moving your body and eating a whole food diet...a majority of the time. We all have to enjoy our lives too!


The realistic approach to exercise and nutrition is what makes him relatable to everyone and allows his clients to gain massive success with their fitness goals. 

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